Global Village, School of English

The school

Global Village is a privately owned school of English, accredited and supervised by the Ministry of Education (as one of only 34 language schools in Poland).

We started in January 1992. 20 years later Global Village is a network of five schools : 3 in Kielce, 1 in Starachowice and 1 in Skarzysko-Kamienna. We are one of the 51 schools in Poland accredited by the Polish Association for Standards in Language Education PASE (member of EAQUALS). We are also an ETS Accredited Testing Institution.

Global Village participated in several EU-sponsored projects, such as "Lolipop " (European Language Portfolio Online) and "Click*" (training teachers in using technical tools and the Internet in teaching foreign languages) - coordinating both projects on behalf of PASE. GV was also a partner in an English - German - Polish - Czech project "Commpact" (teaching Polish and Czech to English and German speakers). In 2010-2012 we prepared materials for online courses of English and German for the hospitality sector in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Poland, as a main part of the "e-TALIA" project, coordinated by the Coventry University. In 2007 the European Commission awarded  Global Village with the prestigious European Language Label.

In 2011 our project "Everyplace" became the first Polish project ever accepted for the "Languages" programme of the European Union.

Global Village employs more than 50 teachers from Poland, Great Britain and USA, 5 secretaries, a webmaster and an accountant. Altogether, combining the enrolments of all schools and in-company courses, Global Village has ca. 1000 students.

Each student of the school has, at their discretion, online access to current information on grades, timetables, tuition fees, etc. Virtual Learning Environment consists of our own multimedia course "Global Village Online", and a rich choice of online learning materials in moodle.

All of our teachers - Polish, British and American - possess internationally recognised qualifications for language teaching. Global Village does not accept, as criteria for employment, merely being a native speaker of English. All of our native speakers have had higher education and hold diplomas in T.E.F.L.

We teach from course books by British publishers and also make use of the Internet and video. Most courses are taught by two teachers - the Polish teacher being responsible for teaching grammar, reading, and the native speakers - for teaching speaking, listening and writing skills. Students in the three highest levels study for Cambridge examinations (FCE, CAE and CPE).

We teach in the afternoons - from 2.30 to 8.00, from Monday to Friday. There are about 8 - 12 students in a group. The students are divided into groups on the basis of their level and age. The youngest taught by native speakers are 11 – 12 years old. Most are teenagers (16 - 18).

We also teach in companies, in the mornings.

The place

We work in three towns: Kielce, Starachowice and Skarzysko, about 1 hour’s and about 40 minutes’ drive to the north from Kielce respectively. Kielce is a town of 200 000 in central Poland, half way between Warsaw - the capital (2.5 hrs driving) and Cracow - former capital (1.5 hrs). The town itself is green and unpolluted, has 6 institutions of higher education (53 000 students) and a “colony” of native speaker teachers. Many of them stay for several years and there is always something going on socially within the small and friendly English teaching community. Starachowice and Skarzysko have, respectively, 60 000 and 50 000 inhabitants. Two of our native speaker teachers teach in GV schools in the towns, living locally. Some lovely pictures of Kielce can be found here.  Join us for a rewarding and interesting experience !

Interested? Call Ursula: +48 602 313 274 or write: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. .

See Kielce in a short video prepared for one of our European projects:



Read what some of our British and American teachers wrote about their year in Kielce:

Andrew McKeown, UK

Isaac Russell, USA

Tony Coyle, Great Britain

Anne Marie Sandos, Great Britain

Jane Davies, Great Britain

Emma Smith, Great Britain

Martin Blackburn, Great Britain

Gaynor Stevens, Great Britain

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