Global Village

Global Village started in January 1992. 20 years later it was a network of five schools: 3 in Kielce, 1 in Starachowice and 1 in Skarzysko-Kamienna. After retirement of the owner and CEO of the Global Village Ltd the only remaining Global Village school became the school in Starachowice, with Stuart Mills as the director and owner. The limited liability company Global Village sp.z o.o. was dissolved in 2019.

Global Village participated in several EU-sponsored projects, such as "Lolipop " (European Language Portfolio Online) and "Click*" (training teachers in using technical tools and the Internet in teaching foreign languages) - coordinating both projects on behalf of PASE. GV was also a partner in an English - German - Polish - Czech project "Commpact" (teaching Polish and Czech to English and German speakers). In 2010-2012 we prepared materials for online courses of English and German for the hospitality sector in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Poland, as the main element of the "e-TALIA" project, coordinated by the Coventry University. In 2007 the European Commission awarded  Global Village with the prestigious European Language Label.

In 2011 our project "Everyplace" became the first Polish project ever accepted for the "Languages" programme of the European Union. 9 years later "Everyplace" disappeared from the internet, as one of the victims of flash termination.

The ex-GV staff is still actively participating in educational projects. Their latest online course is "Angielski pierwszego kontaktu dla pracowników ochrony zdrowia" (English for the staff of hospital emergency departments and ambulances) on the Navoica (Polish edX) platform.


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